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Rio 2016 - GOLD

Have a look at the 'Rio 2016' section where there is a compilation of match reports, pictures, statistics, vidoes, articles, and much more. Relive the epic Summer of 2016 all over again! 

Ludwig Walkenhorst Rio 2016 Gold Medal

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L&K Merchandise

­The  DVD/Bluray Ludwig/Walkenhorst Der Weg zu Gold is now available to purchase from the official shop. Well worth a watch! Unfortunately the audio is entirely in German and there are no English subtitles.


Ludwig/Walkenhorst Der Weg Zu Gold


15th July 2017

WSOBV ​Match 5 (SF): Ludwig/Walkenhorst vs Talita/Larissa. Result: 0-2 (16:21, 16:21)

WSOBV Match 6 (3rd Place) Ludwig/Walkenhorst vs Hughes/Claes. Result: 0-2 (17:21, 14:21)

L&K finish the tournament in 4th Position. Well done! :) 


14th July 2017

WSOBV Match 3: Ludwig/Walkenhorst vs Talita/Larissa. Results: 1-2 (12-22, 21-17, 15-17) [YouTube Video]
WSOBV Match 4 (QF): Ludwig/Walkenhorst vs Bansley/Wilkerson. Results: 2-0 (23-21, 21-16)


13th July 2017

World Series of Beach Volleyball (WSOBV) tournament. Kira & Laura are both well enough to play a tournament together!

Pool Play Match 1: Ludwig/Walkenhorst vs Whitaker/Pavan: 2-0 (21-9, 21-11)
Pool Play Match 2: Ludwig/Walkenhorst vs Lili/Josi:


10th July 2017

FB Update - Laura is showing off her new Nike Bra and says that all is good for participating in the Kerrie Walsh Boot Camp tournament later this week. [Source]


3rd July 2017

​Kira announced that they will not be playing in Gstaad as she is still having problems with her shoulder. Hopefully they will be fit for the next tournament. [Source]


30th June 2017

Match 5: Ludwig/Kozuch vs Kolocova/Kvapilova (CZE) Result: 0-2 (14:21, 15:21). They finish the tournament in 9th place and are awarded 360 points and $8000.


29th June 2017 

Match 3: Ludwig/Kozuch vs Larissa/Talita (BRA) Result: 1-2 (21:19, 16:21, 15:32)

Match 4: Ludwig/Kozuch vs Schwaiger / Schutzenhofer. Result: 2-1 (25:23, 19:21, 15:9)


28th June 2017

​Match 1:  Ludwig/Kozuch vs Bieneck/Schneider (GER)

9.30GMT -  Result: 1-2 (14:21, 21:16, 16:18)


Match 2: Ludwig/Kozuch vs Becic, D./Radanovic (CRO)

17:00GMT - Result: 2-0 (21:6, 21:11)

​A very long match as play had to be abandoned for an hour due to bad weather! 


26th June 2017

Kira has confirmed that she will not be playing with Laura in the Porec tournament. Her recent bout of flu has caused problems with her shoulder. She is hoping to be fit again for the following tournament in Gstaad. [Source]


21st June 2017

A lovely 1 minute behind the scenes video of Laura & Kira's recent photoshoot in Germany. It certainly looks chilly outside! [Video link]


16th June 2017

​The Hague - Match 3: Ludwig/Walkenhorst vs May/Pischke (CAN). Result: 2-0 (21:18, 21:19)

​Match 4: Ludwig/Walkenhorst vs Heidrich & Vergé-Dépré (SUI) Result: 0-2 (16:21, 16:21)


15th June 2017
​The Hague - Match 1: Ludwig/Walkenhorst vs Meppelink/Keizer NED).

​Result: 2-0 (21:19, 21:15). A convincing performance.


The Hague - Match 2: Ludwig/Walkenhorst vs Bieneck/Schneider

​Result: 1-2 (20:22, 21:8, 9:15)

​Some unusual scorelines, going from 13 points clear in Set 2, and then 6 behind in Set 3! 

​L&K finish the Pool in second position behind Bieneck/Schneider.


11th June 2017

The Rheinische Post Beach Challenge (Dusseldorf) comes to a close. Perhaps not the match results L&K fans would hope for but credit must be given to the organisation. Just 5 weeks preparation to create the event and they bring together sponsors, top teams, HD multi-camera live streaming of all matches, etc. It sort of puts the FIVB efforts to shame


Rheinische Post Beach Challenge (Dusseldorf)  - Match 3: L&W vs Verge-Depre & Heidrich. Results 0-2


10th June 2017

Rheinische Post Beach Challenge - Match 1: L&W vs Slukova & Hermanova. Result: 0-2 (16:21, 17:21). 

​Match 2. On the advice of their Coach Kira will not be participating in this match as she continues to recover from the cold she picked up at Moscow during the lsat tournament. Kiesling stepped in to fill Kira's shoes against Ittlinger & Mersmann but unsurprisingly they lost.


Update from L&K's FB feed (translated) as they prepare for their mini-tournament in Dusseldorf this weekend:

"Sometimes everything goes very fast ....
Five weeks ago, our coach Jürgen Wagner said that before the World Cup, we still need gameplay with high-caliber opponents. We had only one idea and of course contact with other international top teams.
In the meantime we have found a supporter with Dusseldorf and with Peter Schmitz (hall man) an organizer - specially built for the tournament fields at the Hall Mensch, teams invited, a hotel partner and a shuttle service found, a small grandstand built , Found a press partner, obtained permits from the associations, etc. [...]


[Older news can be found archived in the forum]


Have you seen this epic prank on Laura Ludwig?

New PC Beach Volleyball Game out now!

Retail price:  £10.99 (Steam Store) The game is currently in 'Early Access' which means that there are still a few bugs to be ironed. However, having played the game for many hours I can say that it is a very good Beach Volleyball simulation. Physics have been accurately simulated and the gameplay is smooth, making it a very enjoyable game to play.


Volleyball Unbound - Pro Beach Volleyball
Fort Lauderdale Major News

Monster Block Kira!

Here comes the Boom­­

­Still tapping your feet to the tunes played at Rio 2016?

­The chances are you're thinking of the music played by DJ Roueche. He has released a special 36 minute "Thank You Rio" megamix featuring the most popular tunes from the arena. Well worth a listen.

gallery/munster result

SMART Beach Tour - Münster 2017

Seven months without the Ludwig-Walkenhorst partnership playing a competitive game together. Laura still recovering from the shoulder op  and limited to underarm serving. This tournament was all about getting match-ready for events later in the year. 

But of the Golden Girls played brilliantly and despite all the hurdles came away with the Gold Medal!

Ludwig Walkenhorst Beach Towel
FIVB World Tour - The Hague 2017 (Laura Ludwig & Kira Walkenhorst)


The new Ludwig/Walkenhorst Special Edition ball by Mikasa is now available to purchase from the Mikasa store!

Mikasa Ludwig/Walkenhorst S.E. Beach Volleyball - FIVB Approved
Mikasa Ludwig/Walkenhorst S.E. Beach Volleyball - FIVB Approved
2017 FIVB World Tour - Swatch Major Series - Porec